Data and reporting for those who need it, in the format they need

The AGILIT-e core set of modules can be configured to meet an institutions specific needs with optional modules and services providing the choice of how broad and deep it is embedded into other university systems. Combine AGILIT-e data with data from other sources to transform cross sections of financial, resource and funding data into meaningful management information to define your strategic plan and forecast future performance.

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Do more with AGILIT-e

Monitor applications

The student information database forms a complete audit trail of applications throughout the admissions cycle. Comprehensive reporting helps you clearly monitor progress, while showing precise conversion rates.

Manage resources

AGILIT-e provides an interactive view of all resources allowing managers to generate reports to compare sector averages and make full and efficient use of the resources they have.

Manage admissions

Academic staff can access information regarding specific applications, or the status of applications for a specific course. By removing the need to re-key student information, individual and block interviews can be managed easily and efficiently based on staff and room availability.

Monitor courses

Curriculum modelling tools process an extensive range of 'what if' scenarios to see how changes in student numbers could affect the viability of courses. Managers can monitor statistical information at both high and low levels with staff costs and overall profit versus loss allowing quick decisions to be made when courses aren't performing. 

Streamline enrolment

AGILIT-e offers a range of features, from full validation to student financial awards. With all student-related data to hand, comprehensive workflows can be used to define the process from application to enrolment and then timetabling.

Report in detail

The student data guarantees an accurate set of data that meets both institution and statutory defined requirements for reporting and analysis. Based on data collected during and after the enrolment process, managers can view detailed funding information and statistics, by department, course, student and qualification. 


[AGILIT-e]is fundamental to the administrative role in delivering the key university processes. It supports the whole student lifecycle – application and admissions, enrolment, module registration, assessment and grades, right through to graduation.

Academic Registrar, University of West London